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Apollo is helping clients lower costs, speed workflow, bid new jobs, expand creativity and work in ways they never thought possible. Check out our growing collection of Apollo User Stories to learn how Apollo can help you make money and work smarter in ways that you may never have realized.

60 Minutes Multicamera Interviews With Apollo

"I use Apollo as a four-channel HD recorder for all of my cameras and audio."

CBS’ venerable 60 Minutes is the longest running news magazine show on television. While the production style has long included shooting with multiple cameras for its famed interviews, the workflow behind the scenes has evolved over the years. Recently, DP Dennis Dillon added the Convergent Design Apollo Multi-Stream Recorder to his kit in order to capture these productions. Visit Dennis at our NAB Booth, C9918.

Apollo Streamlines the Multi-Camera Interview

"During setup the multi-stream monitoring is extremely beneficial for matching cameras."

Atlanta-based DP Michael Chase shoots multi-camera interviews for Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Oz, Harpo Productions and others, as well as press junkets for motion picture companies. Michael utilizes the Convergent Design Apollo to eliminate onsite media management and streamlining the production workflow to turn around content the same day, cutting the turnaround time by 60 percent.

Apollo Captures Multicam for Men’s Health

More than speeding up production and post, it's expanded the ways we can produce videos.

Matthew Zappile is an award-winning video producer and director. For over a decade, he has been the driving force behind many high-profile commercials, PSAs, museum experiences, and web videos. He produces lifestyle videos for Men’s Health Magazine’s website and Facebook page. Apollo speeds up production and post, and has expanded the ways in which he can produce. Visit Matt at our NAB Booth.

Apollo Empowers Speedy Turnaround to Interviews

It’s extremely important for me to travel light and efficient...Apollo really helps with that.

Phelps Harmon is a video producer who travels light and works fast. Elm Media recently hired Phelps to shoot a series of interviews for Citi Velocity, a subscription information service from CitiBank, to be delivered in HD over the City Velocity web service. It was Super Tuesday and the political content needed turned around lighting fas. Using Apollo’s Live Switch mode he is able to edit while shooting.

Apollo Steps In as Last-Minute Video Assist

"So we went with Apollo and even though it was a bit run & gun / seat-of-the-pants, Apollo just did it all"

Scott Ferril’s company Rent the Sky Films provides a variety of camera-related services. “We do all sorts of oddball, boutique stuff that’s very specific,” explains Scott. “Full productions, motion control, even 3D. I originally bought Odyssey for RAW recording and was looking at the Apollo Option for 3D, recording two stereo camera rigs. Usually it's on our motion control rig, but then we got this last-minute call for Video Assist.”

Apollo Adds Efficiency & Speed to Auto Ads

"One day we shot 66 hours of content! That was only possible because of Apollo."

For a series of national ads for an automobile manufacturer, DIT’s Sean Goller and Scott Stephens have been using Convergent Design recorders for efficiency and reliability. Versions of these spots have included focus groups, elaborate false sets, hidden cameras, and multiple cameras hidden inside the cars themselves. From starting preproduction to rolling on set was just 48 hours, shooting over 60 hours of synced content in one day.

Convergent Design Powers Helios Virtual Reality System

"If it is 4K30p, then we can use one Apollo in Dual-4K mode for two cameras"

Inter Video in Los Angeles has been shooting 3D and Virtual Reality for some time, using Convergent Design Odyssey and Apollo recorders in 4K for about a year now. The Inter Video Helios VR System uses multiple IO Industries FLARE 4KSDI cameras in a circular configuration. Virtual Reality issues include parallax, rolling shutter and sync – all answered by the Apollo. "We tried another type early on, but quickly switched." says Richard Clark.

So What's Your Story Convergent Design Products?

"I have been using Apollo for_____________ and it's great for _______________!"

We'd love to hear stories from storytellers. Share your story about how you put Convergent Design products to use in your production. Whether you are maximixing multicamera productivity with Apollo, making epic feature films with Odyssey, or perfecting the shot with our image analysis tools. Tell us how you're making great things happen. Contact Amber Cowles via email at to share your story today.

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Odyssey New Features
Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo Features Demos at NABSHOW 2016!

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